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Why Buy Art? Here are 7 Reasons from an Artist ( and Collector ) of Fine Art

by Gene Martin in Miscellaneous
Morning at Maymont


1. They buy art because it is pretty.

2. Because the colors work in a room

3. People will buy a large picture and build the design of the room around it. Thereby developing, a harmony, a continuity of color and design.

4. art is bought in speculation figuring to sell it after the price rises and the artist becomes more famous

5. They very rich buy famous art as an investment and as a way to protect their wealth. Also as a way to show their great wealth.

6. I have always told my customers to buy art because you like it and you want to live with it. If it goes up in value then congratulations.

7. I also buy art. It feeds my soul. Occasionally I buy something and have buyers remorse. I usually place it in the house and after a time find myself studying my purchase, usually while drinking coffee. It acclimates and I acclimate and I find it fits perfectly. What ever has attracted me to the picture originally has manifested itself and all is well.

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