12 inches"x16 inches" Oil on Panel, unframed


Description of Sunny Day Impression

Late summer and a beautiful sunny day. The air is warm and not as humid as usual. Windows down , air flowing through my cab and the air fragrant with the smells of late summer. This had to be painted with a rich warm palette and almost with a casual elegance. No hurry, no worry just savor the feel of the brush re-iterating what the mind had planned. May I say that I am very pleased with this one. Painted with a very high quality of materials on a masonite panel with three coats of Golden primer and a coat of shellac as used by some of the old masters. After properly dried it was varnished with a light coat of damar varnish.


The artist retains all copyright and reproduction rights.

No prints are available at this time but will be at a later date.

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